Cars are getting smarter . . . and not just in regard to fuel economy.  Although the media attention has been grabbed by electric, hybrid, and other fuel saving vehicles, some amazing advancements have been made in car safety during the past decade.

Not Your Grandmother’s Headlights

Advanced collision warning systems have been steadily reducing the number of car accidents over the past decade. These systems use lasers, radar, and other detection methods to slow cars and avoid crashes. Lane departure warning systems let drivers know if they are drifting into another lane without the car’s turn signal being on. This is especially useful for drivers who have a tendency to snooze behind the wheel. Another advanced safety feature included in some cars is blind spot detection, a sensor that detects and warns drivers of vehicles located in the blind spot. Adaptive headlights are a remarkable improvement on standard head lamps. In dark or foggy conditions, adaptive headlights increase visibility around bends in the road by turning the headlight beams around the curves in the road ahead. Considering that over 45% of fatal accidents occur at night, this is an innovation that can really save lives.

Protection When a Crash Occurs

When accidents do occur, air bags deploy, crumple zones absorb impact, and seat belts clutch passengers and the driver to their seats. Although vehicular crashes are still the leading cause of death in the United States for those under the age of 54, fatalities in car accidents have been steadily decreasing for a number of years. But in a country where there are over 214 million licensed drivers, car accidents and injuries are inevitable. That is why it is important to know a good Houston car accident attorney.

Pedestrian Safety

The roadways are also getting safer for pedestrians.  Some new car models come with “pedestrian detector systems,” which allows the car to automatically begin braking if a person is detected in the roadway. One car maker is also designing an exterior airbag that will protect pedestrians by softening the impact of the person with the hood of the car! These systems work best when cars are traveling at speeds of less than 40 miles per hour, which is the legal speed cars travel through most residential neighborhoods. Unfortunately, even these advanced systems cannot protect people from catastrophe when cars are driven at high speeds or in a reckless manner. No matter how safe cars become, accidents will still occur and people will be injured. If you or someone you know is injured in an automobile accident, it is important that you seek counsel from a Houston car accident attorney so you can get the advice you deserve.

For many people their truck is a source of pride and joy.  They love personalizing the exterior or interior cab.  They just feel great sitting up high behind the steering wheel as they drive along.  The last thing they are thinking about is getting into an accident.  But it can happen in the blink of an eye.

According to the State of Texas DOT, in 2015 there were over 185,000 total crashes throughout the state involving pickup trucks.

Even though you are a safe driver and never caused an accident, it could be another driver – perhaps one that is distracted or inebriated – that hits your truck and ruins your day.

Hopefully this accident is nothing more than a slight scrape or dent.  But at any level of severity, you do not want to take chances.  Here’s what to do.

Stay in your truck especially if you are on a busy highway.  Call 911 and wait until the authorities arrive on the scene. Stay calm and make sure anyone else riding with you is okay.

Give the police or highway patrol officer your driver’s license, auto insurance policy number and vehicle registration number. Then call your insurance agent. Follow her instructions on what to do next.

Do not assume that you have not sustained an injury just because you do not appear physically hurt.  Be aware that even in minor bumps soft tissue injuries can occur.  There could be neck trauma, internal bleeding, or nerve damage that can lead to much bigger problems if undetected and left untreated.

So don’t take any chances.  If you feel sore, have headaches, experience any numbness or muscle spasms later in the day – or in the following days – visit your doctor right away for a professional assessment.

Meanwhile, you should contact a Houston truck accident attorney.  He will answer your questions and serve as your representative if further legal action is required. You want to have the peace of mind to know an experienced professional is handling these matters for you.

You can help to expedite your case by writing down notes to establish a timeline record of events post-accident.  Keep these notes plus all related documents, such as your copy of the accident report, repair estimates, and medical bills, in a safe place. Make copies of these documents and give one of each to your attorney.  In the event you are seriously injured, instruct close family members to help you with these activities.

Most of all, take care of yourself while you recover from this incident.